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For Start-Up Businesses

Starting a new business can be hard – but does it have to be? We don’t think so! Runli gets your business venture off on the right track by giving you all of the foundational business processes and automating them, so you know exactly what to do & when to do it.

For Established Businesses

Between onboarding and training – not to mention building trust – adding a new employee can be stressful. Runli reduces that stress by giving your new employees tasks on day 1 – reducing downtime and giving you the oversight you need.

For Growth-Ready Businesses

Your business is ready to scale, but how do you prove that to a large potential customer? Runli takes your business & process data and puts it into a simple database for corporations – providing you visibility and your potential customer confidence in your ability to perform.

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All of the important information on your business – in quick access widgets.


Quick views of your entire business
Ensure the right people do the right task – every time
Increase efficiency without micro-managing
Reduce onboarding time with Day 1 Task assignment



Mobile Ready

Our web app was designed from the ground up with your mobile device in mind. From easy-to-read, quick view widgets to simple menu designs, Runli keeps all of your business processes at hand, so you always know what is happening – no matter where you are.

Product Features

Running a business can be hard – but we think it shouldn’t be!

The right person, doing the right thing at the right time.

Runli was built on the premise that running your business shouldn’t consume your life. We have taken “human error” out of the equation by automating your business’ workflow handoffs. The right person is “tagged in” when it is their turn to perform a task. When they are done, they simply click complete and the next person in line is notified. No more breakdowns in communication or forgotten tasks. 

Pure efficiency.


All of the oversight, none of the micromanagement.

Runli brings information to business owners’ fingertips. Our admin dashboard provides easy-to-understand widgets with vital information on your business, while still allowing you to quickly see detailed information on what tasks are current or overdue. Designed by a small business owner, Runli gives you peace of mind, no matter what time it is – with zero 3 am texts to your employees!

Complete peace.



From intuitive widgets & pre-loaded processes to clickable emails, we take simple seriously. 


Whether it’s just you or one hundred employees, Runli grows with you no matter where the business takes you.


Get notified via email and app push-notification, so you always know what needs to be done & who needs to do it.


“Runli simplified my business so I could focus on executing vision… no wonder it’s helped so many businesses grow.”


“Runli makes me feel confident everyone is doing what they should be, no matter how busy I am or where I am traveling. I can’t say enough!


“I couldn’t believe how easy Runli was to setup – just click and go! Now I know everything is getting done right, everyday.


“I never have to worry if I missed a step… Runli keeps me & my business organized.”

Get your business flowing.

Join the simple revolution.

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