Ensure every supplier is contract ready.

Ensuring that all qualified suppliers are included in market evaluations has always been a top priority for Sourcing Professionals. However, risk mitigation continues to hamper this goal. How can sourcing professionals be sure that new, unproven suppliers are contract-ready?

By joining a Corporate Partnership with Runli!

Systemized Suppliers

Give all of your current suppliers access to a program that automates and systemizes their back-office processes.

Quick Registry Access

Provide you and your sourcing colleagues quick access to our complete small business registry for pre-RFP research.

Powerful Sorting

Sort through every small business based on their name, NAICS code, or business keywords with the click of a button.

Dynamic Filtering

Filter the data by a small business’ usage level or certification and watch as the graph widgets dynamically adjust – showing you powerful data at-a-glance.

Detailed Individual Data

Interested in a business? Click their business name and see the complete dashboard for that business – complete with currently active processes and on-time task percentages, in real time.

Internal Notifications

Quickly send your corporate sourcing email & RFP information directly to the small businesses that meet your criteria.


We have everyone’s back

Providing Access for New Potential Suppliers

With a first of its kind corporate dashboard, new growing businesses can show-off their systemization practices to potential large corporate customers – all while utilizing strong foundational processes – and corporations get access to innovative new entrepreneurs that are ready to connect.

Supporting Your Current Suppliers

By promoting Runli to their current supply chain, suppliers are given both a proven tool to systemize their business, building capacity to expand, and also a platform to prove that scalability to their large corporate customers.

Confidence for your Stakeholders

Runli was designed to provide corporations with visibility into the health of the business during the pre-RFP process to mitigate the risk associated with the inclusion of new suppliers.  By being able to provide insight into the business’ foundational processes & management, sourcing & supplier diversity professionals can confidently assure stakeholders that their recommended new bidders have the discipline to scale and sustain if awarded the contract.

Explore more about working in Runli

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to be a Corporate Partner?

It is absolutely FREE for the Corporation – and only $99 / month for the small businesses in your supply chain. No budgeting required!

My corporation is in a regulated industry - is this a problem?

Not at all! Because Runli is a database for you, and a workflow automation tool for your suppliers, there is no information stored or produced that falls into most regulatory categories. And Runli is secured using AWS standards.

How do I request a login for the Corporate Dashboard?

Just email us at delynne@runli.us and we can create the login for you.

What is expected of me to be a Corporate Partner?

All we ask of our Corporate Partners is to promote the use of Runli with your supply chain – and we can help build the email campaign!

Can my suppliers "opt out" of being on the dashboard?

Of course! We have a simple checkbox in the account settings page that removes a small business from the Corporate Dashboard.

Can I share my login with coworkers?

Absolutely! We encourage your sourcing and procurement coworkers to search through the database as well. Just remember, this is only for your corporation – any outside use is not allowed.

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